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Viktor's Sweet Indulgence - Chocolate Truffles and Keepsake Tin

Viktor's Sweet Indulgence - Chocolate Truffles and Keepsake Tin

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Step into the world of sweet indulgence with Viktor's Sweet Indulgence, where the mystique of the Lincoln Mill Haunted House meets the decadence of artisanal chocolate truffles. Delve into a realm of captivating flavors, each truffle crafted with unwavering dedication by a cherished New England family since 1915.

Inside this specially designed tin featuring the iconic Viktor Kane design, you'll discover a symphony of flavors that intertwine with the essence of the Lincoln Mill Haunt. Our Raspberry Truffle with Dark Chocolate embodies the thrill of a summer day, while the Milk Chocolate Truffle boasts timeless elegance. The Caramel Milk Chocolate Truffle evokes cherished memories, and the Irish Cream Milk Chocolate Truffle whisks you away to the magic of Ireland. Experience the enchantment of Tiramisu Milk Chocolate Truffle, and bask in the sunshine of the Orange Truffle with White Chocolate.

Beyond the tantalizing flavors, this tin is a treasure trove of memories waiting to be created. As the chocolates melt in your mouth, the Viktor Kane design on the front of the tin becomes a memento of your adventure into the world of Lincoln Mill Haunt. Perfect for guests who adore the haunted attraction, Viktor's Sweet Indulgence is a delightful gift that captures the essence of both fine chocolate and captivating spookiness.

Delight in the blend of flavors and aesthetics, a true testament to the dedication of our artisan truffle makers. Elevate your sweet journey with Viktor's Sweet Indulgence, a delicious bridge between indulgence and the haunting allure of the Lincoln Mill Haunted House. Order now and experience the fusion of taste and thrill that only Viktor's Sweet Indulgence can offer.

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