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Lincoln Mill Haunted House Faux Leather Coaster Set - Viktor Puppeteer and Mill

Lincoln Mill Haunted House Faux Leather Coaster Set - Viktor Puppeteer and Mill

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Introducing an enchanting blend of Viktor's haunting personas in the coaster set – from his imposing presence in front of the mill to his eerie role as the sinister puppeteer. Elevate your table aesthetics with our exquisite set of 4 Pictaleather Coasters, featuring the iconic imagery of Viktor Kane from the enigmatic Lincoln Mill Haunted House. Delve into the depths of the haunt while seamlessly merging style and utility.

Meticulously fashioned from top-tier PU leather, these coasters exude an air of refined elegance while offering you the chance to customize them to your heart's content. Whether you opt for the haunting classic designs or infuse your personal touch, these coasters become a true manifestation of your fandom.

Safeguard your cherished dining or coffee table from unsightly marks and scratches with our premium Pictaleather coaster ensemble. Comprising 4 distinctively adorned coasters, each measuring 4"x 4" (10x10cm), this set not only offers comprehensive protection but also elevates your table's visual appeal.

Embracing a harmonious blend of practicality and style, the coasters showcase a sleek black rear coupled with striking front prints, imparting a decorative flair to your setting. Relish your beverages confidently, courtesy of the non-slip surface that ensures stability. The premium PU leather craftsmanship isn't merely durable and water-resistant but also heat-resistant, rendering it perfect for both hot and cold drinks.

Immerse yourself in the essence of the haunt and preserve it with these resilient coasters, featuring a lasting image that endures daily use. Let your abode resonate with the spirit of the Lincoln Mill Haunted House, embodied by these enduring and captivating coasters.

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