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Lincoln Mill Haunted House 16oz Pint Beer Glass

Lincoln Mill Haunted House 16oz Pint Beer Glass

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 Elevate Your Experience with Our Premium 16 oz Pint Glass, Featuring the Eerie Lincoln Mill Haunted House Design!

Step into the chilling world of Lincoln Mill Haunted House with our high-quality 16 oz Classic Pint Glass, adorned with a mesmerizing and ghostly apparition of Viktor Kane himself. This pint glass is more than just a vessel for your favorite drink – it's an embodiment of the spine-tingling allure of the haunted attraction.

Crafted from premium glass, this pint glass boasts crystal clarity that perfectly showcases the intricate details of the haunting design. The eerie image of Viktor Kane, carefully crafted using advanced UV printing with flame treatment, ensures an incredibly durable and vivid finish that will withstand the test of time.

With a generous capacity of 16 oz, this glass is perfect for immersing yourself in the world of Lincoln Mill Haunted House while enjoying your favorite beverage. Its 6.5-inch height adds an element of mystique to your drinking experience, making it an ideal companion for ghostly gatherings or haunted house-themed parties.

Whether you're savoring a chilling drink or showcasing your love for the haunted attraction, our 16 oz Pint Glass with the ghostly Viktor Kane design is the perfect addition to your collection.

Product Details:

  • Premium glass material for exceptional clarity and appeal
  • Eerie Viktor Kane design from Lincoln Mill Haunted House for a unique touch
  • UV printing with flame treatment ensures enduring, vibrant details
  • 16 oz capacity to enjoy your favorite drinks with haunting style

Elevate your haunted house fandom and indulge in spine-chilling aesthetics


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